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Citizens for Schools

Welcome to the Official site for the Citizens for Schools of London, Ohio. We strive to provide communication and information to the community about the upcoming 8.5 Mill Emergency Property Tax Levy.



How much is London worth to you?

London City School District is asking for your vote on March 6, 2012 to pass an emergency operation levy.  This levy is to keep our schools running in the same manner they operate today.

Our school district is facing a financial crisis due to the annual loss of state and local funding. The district has had to make some tough choices to cut programs, teachers and services, and we will continue to experience these kinds of losses if we don't step up to support our schools.

Our school provides the foundation upon which our city is built - students today are the employees, small business owners and leaders of the future. We can't afford to lose them to cities that have better state funding and local support of public schools.

This levy is about providing our kids with the education they need to succeed in life.
This levy is about minimizing the cuts that have to be made to the district budget. This levy is about ensuring your friends, neighbors and family members keep the careers they've dedicated their lives to.  This levy is about keeping London a viable option for businesses looking to grow and expand.

This levy is about our kids, our schools, our community and our future.


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